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Currently, about 60 percent of infectious diseases are zoonotic in nature, meaning they can jump from animals to humans. Therefore, investigating the drivers and geographical distribution of zoonotic diseases is a vital approach to promoting human and animal health in developing countries. Examples of such diseases include Anthrax which remains a major threat to global health and security. Uganda has had several sporadic anthrax outbreaks, particularly in the Northern region which has been shown to be a high-risk area. The most recent outbreak killed over 1000 cows and caused several human cases. Because of this, we organized a public engagement project funded by the University of Cambridge to conduct an anthrax awareness creation workshop for livestock farmers as well as a farmer-led anthrax vaccination campaign to reduce the occurrence of outbreaks in Northern Uganda.

I think the anthrax vaccine-subsidy program is good. It has helped us to reduce the cost of vaccination. Please come back and help us vaccinate all the animals across the whole village.

~ Charles, livestock farmer, Kwili Village.

The videos below provide some background information about the public engagement project we implemented in Northern Uganda.

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